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Play Online Keno

Keno is essentially a lottery game where you choose a number or numbers and then see if your selection is revealed. It sounds simple and it is – but as well as that, it’s a lot of fun with some potential big jackpot payouts to be had.

Unlike other popular casino games such as slots or blackjack, the origins of keno are shrouded in mystery. It's believed to have originated in ancient China, with some reports even suggesting that its popularity helped raised the money to build the Great Wall of China.

Keno's popularity began to spread across the globe in the 19th century, and when online casinos started to emerge, keno online naturally followed.

Part of the appeal of playing keno online is its fast and easy gameplay. At the end of every round the board is cleared and you have the chance to start afresh. There are several versions of online keno, but at Betway we only host the best. It’s simply called Keno and its timeless blue interface makes it easy to play, even for a keno beginner.

Whether you’re playing at home on your desktop, in the garden on your mobile or on the go with the Betway Casino app, a game of keno is only ever a few taps away.

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How Do You Play Keno Online?

Once you open keno, you’ll see a board of numbers going from 1 to 80. All you need to do is pick a number, or numbers, that you think will come up in the lottery. Click or tap on the numbers you want and they’ll light up.

20 numbers are chosen at random in the lottery draw, and you can select up to 15. The number of picks you make alters the potential payout you can get.

If you just choose one number and it’s drawn in the lottery, you’ll win a payout of 3x your bet. The more numbers you pick, the smaller the payout for hitting just one number, but the bigger the payout if you hit multiple numbers.

For example, pick three numbers and you’ll get 1x your bet if you hit one number, 2x your bet if you hit two numbers, and 16x your bet if you get all three numbers. Pick 15 numbers and if you manage to match them all, you’ll get a payout of 10,000x your bet.

You can choose your bet amount at the start of each turn, with £1 the lowest amount and £10 the highest. Each round you can keep the same numbers or clear the board and make completely new picks.

Try keno online at Betway Casino and see why it’s a game that’s been popular for centuries.

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